Academic Resources & Support

> Career Planning & Placement

Edward Waters Career Services’ mission is to support academic programs by providing services that assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating and implementing career plans that lead to employment and lifelong personal development. The Office of Career Services offers a variety of services ranging from career exploration to internships, graduate school assistance and employment. The services and programs are tailored to meet the needs of all students as well as to advance their knowledge base. Students are encouraged to register in person at the Career Center or online to make use of career services. Collaboratively, assistance is given to each student based on an assessment of interests, skills, and abilities. Further, students can take advantage of all rendered services, which can be used as a springboard for development and enhancement purposes. The Office of Career Services is located at 1710 Pearce Street. For more information, please call (904) 470-8007.

> Counseling Services

The Edward Waters University Office of Counseling and Disability Services is confidential, safe and friendly atmosphere for students, faculty and staff. We provide a variety of ongoing services, support and assistance for personal, academic and developmental issues, which impact the overall learning environment of students. 

With an increase of mental health demands by college students across the world, we continue to promote healthy alternatives to combat mental illness and disabilities. We seek to increase the awareness and knowledge of topics relate to college students. 


TRIO  Student Support Services Program (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) are federally funded college retention and completion programs. These programs focus on academic, personal and career support for under-resourced undergraduate students.  Nationally, TRIO SSS Programs provide opportunities for academic development, assist students in meeting college requirements, and motivate students toward successful completion of their college degree.


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> Information Technology

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> Dual Enrollment

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> Campus Safety & Security

The Office of Technology & Information Services (OTIS) at Edward Waters University provides one-on-one training for new, transfer, and existing students in the use of campus technology, including Moodle, Self-Service, and email. Faculty and staff also offer on-going, one-on-one training for students. Faculty, staff, and students can also receive walk-in assistance, and Instructors can request class presentations from the Technology staff. The IT Help desk is located in the TOOKES Building, room 106 or 120. Also, students may receive help by emailing [email protected].

> Veteran’s Affairs

Located inside the Office of the Registrar  the Veterans Services Center’s mission is to assists military members, veterans, and dependent students take advantage of the numerous education opportunities by connecting them to their VA Education Benefits and any support services necessary for their academic, professional and personal success while here at Edward Waters.