EWU is Changing its LMS to Canvas

Transition to Canvas

EWU is transitioning to Canvas for its Learning Management System beginning with the Fall 2024 Semester.

Canvas Access

If you are unable to login to Canvas via the EWU Portal, please complete this form to get your account generated. It is best to go ahead and test this now.


When will my actual Fall 2024 courses be available in Canvas?

We are testing the sync between Canvas and Ellucian now. Expect access to your Fall 2024 courses during the last week in July. You can login now to start building templates. See the Request Forms tab above for more information.

Can I Import my Moodle courses into Canvas?

Yes. Once Fall 2024 courses are released you can follow the instructions here: Moodle to Canvas. There are more details on the Request Forms tab above.

Canvas Tips

Canvas Attendance Tool

Restore a previous verson of a Canvas page

Change Navigation Links in Course Left-hand Sidebar

Copy a Canvas course to another Canvas course

Recording a Video in the Text Editor

Moodle Import Issues

If your course contains imported quizzes, make sure you switch the quiz type to Graded Quiz (assuming it is for credit). Sometimes it might import as a Practice Quiz (or other type). Click on Edit to view the quiz settings.

How to Backup/Download your Moodle Course and Import it into Canvas.. Note: You will need access to your Canvas course. We will attempt to download as many as possible, but it is always a good idea to have a backup of your data.

Plagiarism Detection

Using TurnItIn on an Assignment


We have training sessions scheduled with Canvas trainers Wednesdays in July. Should you not be able to attend they will be recorded and the link shared below.

Date Canvas Facilitator Session Name Zoom Link


11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Cory Chitwood Navigating Canvas Recording


11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Cory Chitwood Creating Content Zoom Link


11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Cory Chitwood Course Flow with Modules Zoom Link


11:00am – 12:30pm ET

Cory Chitwood Assignments

Zoom Link


Open Help/Training Sessions

There will be Open Canvas Sessions throughout July & August. Pop-in with any questions.  Meetings will be delivered via Canvas course named Canvas Training Sessions in which you can self-enroll. You will access via the BigBlueButton link in course navigation. BigBlueButton is built-in to Canvas and is similar to Zoom.

Open Pop-In Meeting Schedule
  • July 5, 12-2 pm. – Self Enroll here: https://ew.instructure.com/enroll/G39MJN
  • July 12, 12-2 pm. – Self Enroll here: https://ew.instructure.com/enroll/G39MJN


We can create a sandbox for you. In this “sandbox course” you can test out new design or just familiarize yourself with the interface. To request a sandbox, complete this form.

Faculty Course Templates

It is advisable that you develop a master copy of your course, which we will refer to as a Faculty Course Template. You can maintain this version of your course, then import it into your live course shell when the semester launches. If you would like us to create one, please complete this form. You could request this now and start building your fall course(s). We can also import a course from Moodle into it.

Downloading your Moodle Courses

Download the “Moodle to Canvas” document. We will attempt to download as many as possible, ideally several years, but it is always a good idea to have backups of your own data.

Course Imports

If you need assistance importing your Moodle course into your actual Fall 2024 course, please let us know which course you need imported from Moodle for Fall 2024. Complete this form to submit your request. Do not submit this form before fall courses have been released in Canvas as you will need the URL to the Canvas course home page.