How do I know if Distance Learning is right for me?
Take the Distance Learning quiz to find out if Distance Learning is right for you. Please click on Is Distance Learning Right For You to proceed.

Where do I go for more information on the EWC Distance Learning programs?
For more information about distance learning at EWC, please contact The Office of Distance Learning at 904-470-8119.

What are the costs of Distance Learning courses?
Distance Learning tuition fees are the same as those for on-campus courses.

How can I register for Distance Learning Courses?
Registration procedures for Distance Learning courses are the same as procedures for on-campus courses. For more information, email the Admissions Office or call 904-470-8048.

How can I get my textbooks?
Your textbooks can be purchased at the EWC bookstore or from an online vendor.

When does class start?
An online course starts the same date as other EWC scheduled courses.

What kind of computer equipment do I need?
In order to participate in a fully online or hybrid (blended) course at EWC students must have reliable access to a computer with Internet access.

Will I need to come to the EWC campus?
No. All course content will be available online including examinations although certain restrictions may apply. See your syllabus for more details

How do I communicate with my instructor?
There are many methods of communication available, depending on the course you are taking. Most instructors encourage communication via Discussion Boards, virtual office hours through virtual chat, e-mail and phone.

What if I don’t have Internet at home?
Distance Learning students must have reliable internet service. This could be at

I can’t log into Moodle. What do I do?
First, contact your instructor and make sure that you are enrolled in the course. You may also contact the Distance Learning office by calling (904) 470-8224 or email EWC’s Moodle Administrator, Mr. Kevin Austin, at [email protected].