The Master of Arts in Education, Policy and Advocacy is innovative in offering theoretical application of real-life experiences within the research, managerial, social and community justice, and educational agency space. This program will demonstrate the space for understanding not only policy and reform, but also questions of engagement and the creation of advocacy through agencies in various spaces. However, because of the nature of education and its ever-growing sociological impact, this program introduces new and innovative ways of thinking about analysis of policy, reformation and reclamation – in particular for underrepresented and marginalized people.
Through interdisciplinary coursework and research this course of study focuses on various public policy and leadership studies coupled with theory, technology and its effectiveness, and experiential learning. The Master of Arts in Education Policy and Advocacy (MEPA) will give a holistic perspective to the student in preparation for further post-graduate study, positions in management, entrepreneurship, non-profit agencies and organizations, as well as governmental and secondary/ post-secondary educational sectors. Further, this program will allow students to network beyond the local community through national and international teambuilding that will occur through a diversified body of scholars opting to enroll at the institution. The focus of this degree will not lead to certification in the education field but will prepare scholars to focus on research and practical use of advocacy and policy for reform and change agency.