Edward Waters University offers a program leading to a Master of Public Administration (MPA) that will be innovative in theoretical application of real-life experiences within the research, managerial, social and community justice, political landscape, governmental and educational agency space. The institution has already introduced a gateway to such thought-leadership through its co-curricular engagement in advocacy and agency – The Stay Woke President’s Distinguished Speaker Series as well as its most recent funding and establishment of the A. Philip Randolph Institute for Law, Race, 2 Social Justice, and Economic Policy. These two programs have demonstrated a space to question the engagement and the creation of advocacy through agencies in public service. However, because of the nature of education and its ever-growing sociological and economic impact, this program would introduce new and innovative ways of thinking about analysis of social and political agency, policy, and servicing – in particular, determining and/or identifying community and organizational improvement and implementing change across all sectors while running government agencies, serving in elected office, or leading in military non-profits, and non-governmental organizations.
Therefore, through an interdisciplinary coursework and research focus in various public administration focused studies coupled with theory and its effectiveness, and experiential learning the Master of Public Administration (MPA) will give a holistic perspective to the student in preparation for further post-graduate study, positions in management, entrepreneurship, non-profit agencies, and organizations, as well as governmental sectors. Further, this program will allow students to network beyond the local community through national and international teambuilding that will occur through a diversified body of scholars opting to enroll at the institution. Such an opportunity will drive the global initiatives of the institution and expand the academic profile as related to the University’s mission and strategic goals.