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End of Course Evaluation

Near the end of this course you will be asked to complete an end of course evaluation survey. Your honest feedback on the end of course survey is a very powerful resource to help us improve and enhance your learning experience. Student feedback is read and used to improve the quality of your courses.

Be sure to visit the Modules page for an overview of the course structure and direct navigation to all course content.

 Academic Resources & Support

Help is available. Please familiarize yourself with the following services:

>University College & Tutoring

UC-Logo-FINAL-3.pngWelcome to University College at Edward Waters University – your beacon from day one through to graduation. Illuminating the realm of first and second-year experiences, our dedicated program ensures that every student thrives academically, irrespective of their background. Our mission is resolute: to steer student achievement, nurture persistence, and lead students to the ultimate triumph of graduation.

Guided by a team of seasoned experts, including the Dean, Assistant Dean, Director of First- and Second-Year Experiences, Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Honors College, and General Education, we orchestrate the development and execution of pivotal programs. From the transformative QEP to comprehensive Advising, Tutoring, and the dynamic General Studies Core Curriculum, our array of initiatives is designed to support your journey.

With personalized advising, early alert systems, and customized strategies for at-risk learners, we take pride in cultivating each student’s potential. Our tailor-made initiatives including Freshman and Sophomore Seminars, and the Charles H. Pearce Bridge Institute, acknowledge the distinctiveness of your journey. Unearth your path, seize every opportunity, and accomplish your aspirations with University College at Edward Waters University. Your voyage commences here and ends at commencement.


Tutoring is available in Math, English, Science and other subjects at multiple campus locations and times of day.

Appointments are not required, but students with appointments have priority during tutoring hours.

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

>Career Planning & Placement

Edward Waters Career Services’ mission is to support academic programs by providing services that assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating and implementing career plans that lead to employment and lifelong personal development. The Office of Career Services offers a variety of services ranging from career exploration to internships, graduate school assistance and employment. The services and programs are tailored to meet the needs of all students as well as to advance their knowledge base. Students are encouraged to register in person at the Career Center or online to make use of career services. Collaboratively, assistance is given to each student based on an assessment of interests, skills, and abilities. Further, students can take advantage of all rendered services, which can be used as a springboard for development and enhancement purposes. The Office of Career Services is located at 1710 Pearce Street. For more information, please call (904) 470-8007.

>Counseling Services

The Edward Waters University Office of Counseling and Disability Services is confidential, safe and friendly atmosphere for students, faculty and staff. We provide a variety of ongoing services, support and assistance for personal, academic and developmental issues, which impact the overall learning environment of students. 

With an increase of mental health demands by college students across the world, we continue to promote healthy alternatives to combat mental illness and disabilities. We seek to increase the awareness and knowledge of topics relate to college students. 


TRIO  Student Support Services Program (SSS) and Student Support Services STEM (SSS-STEM) are federally funded college retention and completion programs. These programs focus on academic, personal and career support for under-resourced undergraduate students.  Nationally, TRIO SSS Programs provide opportunities for academic development, assist students in meeting college requirements, and motivate students toward successful completion of their college degree.


The Tiger Center for Academic Persistence and Success is where you will find assistance with your academic journey here at EWC. Our primary goal is to partner with you through your academic career, and to assist you with achieving your college degree. TCAPS provides you with ongoing academic advising and academic support.

>Information Technology

The Office of Technology & Information Services (OTIS) at Edward Waters University provides one-on-one training for new, transfer, and existing students in the use of campus technology, including Moodle, Self-Service, and email. Faculty and staff also offer on-going, one-on-one training for students. Faculty, staff, and students can also receive walk-in assistance, and Instructors can request class presentations from the Technology staff. The IT Help desk is located in the TOOKES Building, room 106 or 120. Also, students may receive help by emailing [email protected].

>Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students who meet the GPA requirements of the institution to earn college credits while they are in high school. Dual Enrollment shortens the time to graduation from a post-secondary institution and saves money. Edward Waters College partnered with Duval County Public Schools to enhance the educational experience of our local high school students by implementing the Dual Enrollment program in Spring 2015. The Dual Enrollment Program has expanded to include charter and private schools within the Jacksonville area. The Dual Enrollment program GPA requirements are 2.5 unweighted GPA or 2.0 weighted GPA to enroll. Questions about the Dual Enrollment Program can be addressed to [email protected] or by calling 904-470-8079. 

>Campus Safety & Security

The Department of Campus Safety & Security’s mission is to enhance the living, learning and working experience at Edward Waters College by protecting life, maintaining order and safeguarding property. We fulfill this mission by providing our community with a full range of services that meet the highest professional and accredited standards of campus security. We are committed to the philosophy of “Community Caretaking” and working with our students, staff and faculty to build a lasting partnership.

The EWC Department of Campus Safety & Security will strive to meet and exceed the challenges facing us each and every day. We would like to emphasize that we will strive to hire the best and brightest officers and will always seek candidates with outstanding qualities. We look for officers that demonstrate integrity and responsibility; are community orientated, and can appreciate diversity. Community Involvement and Transparency is what we strive for.

Henry Y. Tookes Building
Edward Waters University
1660 Kings Road
Jacksonville, FL  32209
(904) 470-8888 – Console
(904) 470-8371  Direct Office
(904) 601-1884  24- HR Dispatch

>Veteran’s Affairs

Located inside the Office of the Registrar  the Veterans Services Center’s mission is to assists military members, veterans, and dependent students take advantage of the numerous education opportunities by connecting them to their VA Education Benefits and any support services necessary for their academic, professional and personal success while here at Edward Waters.


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